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"I Am A Minister" -Dwight Hutchinson Jr. ; Wins Gen Y Factor 2019

Winner of the 2019 Gen Y Factor, 'Battle of the Sexes' Competition is Dwight A. Hutchinson Jr..

ZCCR's Maria Malone with Gen Y Factor Winner; Dwight Hutchinson Jr. at the Gen Y Factor 2019 Competition Photo Credits: Altisha Hodge

The Gen Y Factor winner who was birthed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church there and also Fat Hog's Bay, Tortola- seized the hearts of the judges and audience on June 22nd, conquering best Ensemble with the male team, Best Duet along with Ms. Mya Brown and Top Male in the Solo Battle.

Though many had to convince Hutchinson to compete, Hutchinson who made it clear that he came to Minister through song, surpassed other contestants Yohance T. Smith, Mya Brown, Hunter Christopher, Dwaine Frett and Simone Phillip' and won among other prizes a $2000 cheque from Digicel BVI Ltd.

Hutchinson Jr. shared the depth of his anointing during his sensational performance of Cycles by Jonathan McReynolds for his solo performance, and stated he chose the song because he loved the song and it played a pivotal role in his life with the words, speaking about being stuck in a cycle and realizing that the power to break those cycles is in Jesus Christ.

Dwight’s favorite artists are Fred Hammond, and Smokey Norful, while his favourite genre of Gospel is worship. Dwight, who is passionate about everything involving music and along with singing plays the guitar and saxophone, uses his gifts in the community and ministers at events for non-profit organizations as well as the Day of Prayer.

Family and friends greet Hutchinson Jr. after competition Photo Credits: Maria Malone

Hutchinson Jr. explained to ZCCR FM that he had written a song in 2017 after hurricane Irma, but did not want the focus of the song to be surrounded by Irma. Instead he wanted the song to reach and impact others not just in the BVI but internationally.

After his recent achievement at the 2019 Gen Y Factor, Hutchinson Jr. said, he would like to release a single or two this summer and build on that momentum.

He said, " At least for the next 5 years personally I would like to build a solid gospel foundation for the music to flow."

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