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Residents Asked to Exercise Patience As Perot Hill Tank Fills

The Director of the Water and Sewerage Department Mrs. Pearline Scatliffe-Leonard is urging residents of North Sound, Virgin Gorda to exercise patience while the new tank is being filled with water.

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Mrs. Scatliffe-Leonard said the pumping main to the old reservoir has been disconnected to reroute the main to the new tank. The director stated that the Water and Sewerage Department will be working cohesively through the Water Desalination Plant, to start the pumping of water to the new tank from Monday, July 1, in order to fill the new reservoir to capacity. 

The new tank is expected to address storage concerns and has a holding capacity of about three hundred thousand (300,000) gallons of water. Customers in the Bond, North Sound were previously advised to fill their cisterns and other storage containers in anticipation of being without service from the reservoir for at least two (2) weeks and three (3) days. 

Mrs. Scatliffe-Leonard added that the teams will work as quickly as possible to reduce the 2-week time frame.

The Water and Sewerage Department continues to seek to ensure the provision of a continuous supply of potable water to all residents of the Virgin Islands.

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